Daily Dose

10.000 unique collectible NFT with REAL world Utility.
DDD is a collection of community-driven,
programmatically and randomly generated.
Some are rare, some are unique.
Lets get one!


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Daily Dose

Unlock special
feature DDD
members only.

The DDD treat for all members will become operational once the presale period is over. It more and more dose for members-only benefits.


Get your DDD as an
unique & rare asset with
real world utility

DDD build on erc-721 token. With community around the world, Duggee will grants access to members-only events & benefits, also Daily Dose for all members. let’s connect to DDD community in the world, you can check all our social media for latest news & updates.

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Unique & Rare Collectibles

Some are rare, some are unique all DDD is 1:1 programmatically & randomly generated, get yours now! when minting is over you also can get yours on secondary marketplace.

DDD Team